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Hi, and thanks for visiting our website and taking the time out of your busy day to learn a bit about us. In turn I hope to learn more about you the next time you visit Subeez.

subeez blogWe have been in operation since July of 1994, and this place has provided me with a lifetime of memories involving our business, the community and our amazing guests. What you see inside Subeez today all started with a very casual walk by and look in the window where I was intrigued by what we saw. This is exactly how so many of our guests stumble upon Subeez for the first time. That first night I envisioned a place that offered quality food and drink, along with genuinely courteous service within a warm and casual atmosphere. 18 years later, I am very happy to say this vision continues to be realized and will continue to do so for years to come.

Some of my favourite memories of Subeez happened during some very monumental events happening in our community. One of the earliest memories was the first time Subeez ever filled to capacity, the night a much acclaimed concert was in town – The Three Tenors. I personally had not expected the crowd for this concert to choose a new establishment with an offering such as ours for their pre-show dinner or after-show cocktails, but what a welcome surprise it was. The energy in the air was filled with the anticipation of a once-in-a-lifetime concert, and it was the first of many ‘full house’ nights to come.

Other memorable events included the 2010 Olympics, the run for the Stanley Cup in 2011 and many other things which I believe everyone has their own appreciation for. Of course there were also events that were unique to our business.

Early in Subeez’ history we had hosted an after-hours party. We didn’t serve alcohol (naturally) but we still had a packed house of guests and amazing music. As appreciation for this event, our guests remained until the morning and helped to clean up the space so that we could open in time for breakfast at 10:00am.

We’ve also seen our share of well-known guests such as Sarah McLaughlin, the Spice Girls and so many others. And while getting the opportunity to serve these individuals is exciting, nothing gives me more excitement or pleasure than to serve our local regular guests and get to know who they are. The most memorable guests will be the ones to tell me they came to Subeez for their first date when they were 19 years old and have come back with that same first date to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

To those of you who’ve been part of the regular crowd at Subeez, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for a memorable 18 years. To those of you thinking of coming to visit us for the first time, myself and the staff very much look forward to meeting you.


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